ITI Apprentice In Badve Engineering Limited Narsapura

ITI Apprenticeship In Badve Engineering Limited Narsapura, Kolar

ITI Apprenticeship In Badve Engineering Limited Narsapura, Kolar

Company name: Badve Engineering Limited Narsapura, Kolar, Karnataka

Job Summary

If you consider yourself a machine whisperer and enjoy a well-organized yet noisy work environment, we’d love to have you join our team as a machine press operator. We’ll depend on your eagle eyes to visually inspect machines before each shift, make sure machines are well-maintained, and operate machines in a safe and efficient manner. Because we know you have much more to bring to the table than just operating and maintaining equipment, you’ll maintain a daily production log, inspect the products you help create before they’re shipped to our customers, and ensure the overall quality of those products. If you’re ready for mentally and physically stimulating work that rewards you with more than just a paycheck.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Adjust machine parts as needed to ensure proper speed, pressure, temperature, and amount of materials for quality production.
  2. Measure, weigh, and examine all products before they’re packaged to see that they meet company and industry standards.
  3. Monitor and control machines on a daily basis to maintain daily and weekly production schedules.
  4. Complete quality checks and paperwork every day to maintain production and industry regulations and company standards.
  5. Make sure the work environment remains safe, uncluttered, clean, and well-maintained by performing maintenance and general janitorial duties throughout shift as time allows.
  6. Look over all work orders and instructions to see which ingredients, machines, parts, and materials are needed to complete orders to full customer satisfaction.
  7. Engage in continuing education training and seminars to remain up-to-date on the latest industry techniques, machines, safety regulations, and equipment.
  8. Troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, and maintain assigned machines and equipment as needed for maximum product quality and operational efficiency.

Job Skills & Qualifications


ITI Fitter/Welder.


Basic knowledge of repairing and maintaining manufacturing machines

Good physical condition

Stipend: Rupees 11,500 pm in hand.

Working Hours: 9

Lodging: Free

Meal: Free (one time)

Apply Contact - 6388549946